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Welcome to our website! SOULFUL CREATIONS WORLD A NJ NON PROFIT CORPORATION is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit incorporation organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and awareness purposes to bring the benefits of Art & Art Therapy to main stream children and integrating with special needs children as a pathway to balance and wellbeing, with special attention to those children facing overwhelming life circumstance including mental, behavioral and emotional health.


Soulful creations World believes in creating a colorful world in which no mental or physical challenge need ever limit to human potential to create and excel. Creating a colorful world through art and mentoring programs to develop creativity, confidence, and skills to succeed with joy and self-expression.


Soulful creations World collaborates closely with schools and community groups to match performing and visual arts programs and Teaching Artists with the specific needs of each group of children. SCW serves the community and society by helping children develop their full potential through the arts. Through SCW, professional artists work with youth organizations to build self-confidence, self-expression, teamwork, resilience, and creativity in children.

Every child have access to artistic opportunities.

Every child gains self-confidence, self-expression, and the ability to work in teams Every child share in a stronger society and are better prepared to face life challenges and opportunities.

The arts are valued in their own right and as a means of developing skills.

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There are many ways to donate and help us. With your help, SCW can help more children reveal their exceptional gifts while giving them strength and Joy of creating a colorful world.

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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